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EEN-Ukraine Charity Foundation

Helping us continue serving Ukrainian businesses and citizens

How the EEN-Ukraine Charitable Foundation works:

Russia’s unprovoked and unjustified war against Ukraine puts the survival of Ukrainians and Ukrainian SMEs at risk. Many Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes and move to safer places in the country or go abroad.

EEN-Ukraine Foundation continues to support Ukrainians and Ukrainian SMEs, as well as help them establish partnerships with other SMEs in the European Union and beyond.

How can this help?

The Foundation has two goals:

  • Continue to provide support to Ukrainian SMEs, especially those most affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine;
  • To support displaced persons (refugees) and other Ukrainians who suffered during the war, including orphans.

Potential supporters can either provide funds for the EEN Ukraine Foundation or enter into a contract for one or both of these aspects.

Support from EU EEN members and others

EEN Ukraine charitable foundation

Support to individual Ukrainians

Support to Ukrainian SMEs

How can you help EEN-Ukraine continue providing these services?

Our team

EEN-Ukraine experts have long-term experience in working on national/international markets and delivering social, innovation and business oriented activities to help SMEs innovate, find an international partner, promote Ukrainian products and services on the EU Single Market and other new markets.