Romanian software developer offers transportation application for license or financial agreement.

Country of Origin: Romania
Reference Number: TORO20210412001
Pubilcation Date: 2021-04-23


A Romanian software company specialized in providing ITC solutions for industry developed a transportation application. The application aims to make the whole process of booking a truck easier and faster by connecting the shippers and carriers directly. The company is looking for license or financial agreement.


The Romanian company is young, but is based on the founder experience of almost 20 years in the field of sales and management in fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharma or construction materials sectors. During this time he identified several difficulties and dysfunctions in collaboration with freight carriers at domestic or international market. The proposed application solves most of these problems and comes with new benefits for all users, be they customers or transport service providers.
It is a well known fact that, despite all the advancements in technology, it is still difficult to arrange a shipment, and many people are still relying on freight brokers with outdated systems (some even using phones to call and arrange shipments).
The global trucking industry is struggling with the low number of drivers that cannot meet the increasing demand. This is a problem for shippers, being difficult to find shipments for their products, and also for carriers who are unable to meet the demand or grow their companies with more trucks because they can’t find drivers.
Also, the rising popularity of e-commerce has led to shipments increasing in volume, while also becoming smaller, thus becoming increasingly difficult to achieve a full truck load (FTL) While in FTL shipping the cargo is transported directly and the price is easier to calculate, less than load (LTL) shipments are more complicated to properly manage and can lead to higher costs for shippers.
This solution is offering an “on-demand trucking” application, that aims to make the whole process of booking a truck easier and faster by connecting the shippers and carriers directly. Finding a truck, however is not enough. With the use of the rating system, it encourages both parties to operate at the highest standards.
Carriers can use the application to plan ahead before taking on a new job, making sure there are jobs available near their destination to reduce the distance driven with an empty trailer. They can also be alerted of new jobs nearby while on their way to the destination. Less deadhead miles will translate into lower costs and more efficiency
Carriers can match multiple LTL cargos that have the same destination or are conveniently located along their route and shippers can obtain better prices. Also, allows couriers and independent drivers to fulfill small-sized LTL shipments (e.g. cargo that can fit in a van).
General features:
- Geolocation - used for GPS live tracking and navigation;
- Booking interface menu - used to post and view jobs;
- In-app messaging - used to ask questions regarding job listings and provide updates on current jobs;
- Push notifications - info about new jobs, bid alerts, job status, etc.;
- Pricing mechanism - price recommendation and estimations based on historical averages, possibility to bid different prices on posted jobs;
- Rating system - feedback and rating system for both shippers and carriers;
- Payment options - shipper and carriers can decide whether to use cash payments or digital card payments through the own application;
- Real-time notifications - the application provides real-time notifications on traffic alerts, route updates, potential delays.
The company is looking for licensees or investors.
The license agreement is sought for software companies, resellers and business/IT consultants having end users with transportation needs in order to commercially exploit and distribute the solution into their clients’ activities. The financial agreement aims to secure financial support for the on-demand platform for users that require complex transportation solutions.
Adopting a conservative approach, it is estimate that the business will generate for investors substantial revenues and operating profit in two years.

Expertise sought

Stage of Development

Available for demonstration

Stage of Development Comment

Demo version can be provided by request.

Requested Partner

The company is interested in:
1) software developers and integrators under license agreement should be able to commercially exploit and distribute the solution to new end users from the transportation and logistic sectors. The licensee shall be able to support the company by providing the required input for technological services in relation to clients requirements.
2) an investment partner to deliver financial support for the on-demand platform. A seed investment of 300.000 Euro, 40% of the targeted funds will be invested in app development, while the remaining 60% will be directed mainly towards marketing and personnel expenses.

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