Seeking expertise in the writing of medical questionnaires as part of the development of a new mobile app to combat insomnia

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Reference Number: TRUK20210517001
Pubilcation Date: 2021-05-17


A UK company working with sleep disorder solutions is developing a new mobile app to help people overcome insomnia. They are seeking researchers or experts who have experience in creating medical questionnaires to work with them to develop a tailored list of questions as part of the mobile app, via technical cooperation agreement.


Currently there is a "one size fits all" approach to helping people overcome insomnia. Tailored approaches are very rare in the market, much less those that have gone through feasibility or validation trials.

A UK ICT company is aiming to meet that challenge by developing a mobile app which provides more of a bespoke (non-medicinal) solution to the problem of insomnia.

At the moment the three main sleep questionnaires for insomnia are :
• Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)
• Insomnia Severity Index (ISI)
• Sleep Condition Indicator (SCI)
The UK company is looking to develop an alternative insomnia questionnaire to the three mentioned above.

• These are early stages but the are looking to develop a new sleep qualitative questionnaire (perhaps 8 - 12 questions) which would give a robust and accurate assessment of a person's sleep condition. Essentially, to ascertain if they have insomnia (not another sleep condition - which can be easily assumed to be insomnia) and at what severity.

The audience for the app would be anyone who is suffering from insomnia.

The UK company is seeking someone with experience of designing questionnaires and testing how robust they are against specific industry norms. Ideally, they would have worked with focus groups, specifically in the health field.
They are seeking this expert's support creating a new questionnaire, as part of what may be a nationally-funded project, via technical cooperation agreement.

Expertise sought

Experts sought would most probably work as a researcher, possibly within an academic or medical institution, or may have previously been within larger organisations and now works as an individual (freelancer / contractor).

Stage of Development

Concept stage

Stage of Development Comment

Requested Partner

Type: Industry/Academia
Activity: Medical consultant or researcher, possibly with experience in sleep disorders
Specific role of partner sought: Assistance creating a new questionnaire, possibly as part of a nationally-funded project.

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