International virtual brokerage event “DroneDays 2021”

November 26-27, 2021

The 6th edition of the event is specially designed to provide SMEs and other participants with pre-arranged B2B meetings during which they can investigate new markets’ opportunities to diversify their current portfolios of clients and domains, qualitative information & insights from the conferences’ speakers. The Ukrainian SMEs, innovators and representatives of the scientific community working in the field of drone community took part in the matchmaking International event “DroneDays 2021”, which was held on November 26 – 27, 2021.

Focus areas of the event were on Civil & commercial use of drones and have next application’s domains: Smart mobility / Transport; Inspection of Power Grids; Wind and Solar parks inspections; Environment, Agriculture, Forestry; Inspection or monitoring of plants, pipelines; Telecommunication, Architecture, Buildings and civil engineer works; Cinematography, photography, aerial imaging / Corporate-marketing promotion; Parcel delivery, Tourism, Sport, Healthcare, Security, Emergency response, safety, humanitarian sector / Law enforcement and have close links/interdependencies with: IoT, Data and Blockchain.

At the event were registered 112 participants from 26 countries including 10 participants from Ukraine. Participants were from the next directions: 17 from Drone Manufacturers, 47 from Drone Service companies, 13 from companies active in traditional sectors (no drone player), 11 from universities/research centres, 3 from associations/federations, 3 from public authorities/governmental organisations, 4 from investors/finances/business angels, 14 from other organizations.

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