EEN Services

Enterprise Europe Network offers a full range of information services for entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises as well as for research and development organizations.

As the partner of EEN-Ukraine consortium, Institute of Physics NAS of Ukraine has an active database EEN access and can represent your interests in EEN:


We can promote your own innovative products and technology to prospective business partners, licensees or customers.


We can help you to find new products, technology or knowledge required for your business or to meet specific needs.


We can help you to find business partners.


We can help you to find partners for research and other European projects.

Our experts have the authority to post your profile in the EEN, after which it will be available to all interested potential partners from 70 countries in Europe, Asia and America.

If necessary, our experts can assist in the preparation of information materials to create your profile in EEN database using EEN forms and the correct codes and keywords and applying the requirements of EEN.

EEN database allows to find innovative development or request for technological problem solution using search hints.

If you are interested in a profile that corresponds with your needs, remember its identification number (Ref.) and contact our experts who are authorized to receive contacts on this profile of EEN.