Italian industrial group in the packaging sector seeks innovative, green materials to increase sustainability of its products

Country of Origin: Italy
Reference Number: TRIT20211012001
Pubilcation Date: 2021-10-12


An Italian industrial group, a world leader in the packaging sector, is looking for start-ups or scale-ups offering innovative technological materials solutions to be applied to the packaging field, preferably at TRL 7, to increase sustainability of its products. Partners will work together in co-development and go-to-market strategy under technical cooperation agreement. This request is part of an open innovation challenges programme.


An Italian industrial group is a world leader in the packaging sector, it is based in Italy but has subsidiaries in 15 countries around the world. The group is specialized in end-line solutions and it manufactures and sells a wide range of products from semi-automatic wrapping machines with smart technology to innovative automatic solutions, from industrial wrapping machines to shrink wrapping machines and cartoning machines, to tailor-made packaging solutions. The group has a strong innovative focus: thanks to their lab facilities they research, innovate and optimise current technologies, offering market cutting-edge solutions.

To date, 99% of the material used for packaging is made up of non-sustainable plastics, traditionally used in the industry. To reverse this trend and make their business more sustainable, the group is looking for start-ups or scale-ups offering solutions for innovative green materials to be used in the packaging field. The group aims at increasing the sustainability of the materials used, through the exploration of new materials solutions (e.g.: plastic-free, from recycled materials, compostable materials, etc.) that are mechanically and economically viable, and with potential for industrial scalability.

The Italian company has the intention to pursue a technical cooperation agreement, as they are interested in any form of collaboration with start-ups or scale-ups (proof of concept development, pilot projects, M&A operations etc.) involving technological cooperation to co-develop and adapt the solution to the group’s specific needs.

--- IMPORTANT: This technical cooperation request refers to an open innovation challenges program published on a separate online platform (b2match). If an organization expresses interest before the program closing date, it will be guided towards the open innovation platform.

During registration, interested organizations will be asked to select the challenge that corresponds with this technology request profile. If admitted to the programme, start-ups and scale-ups will benefit from training and will be able to create their (presentation) profile to connect with the companies in order to organize 1to1 matchmaking meetings.

The company will select the organisations that they would like to meet for the development of the solution.

The challenge closes on November the 30th 2021. Once the challenge is closed, expressions of Interest for this technology request will be treated in the traditional way.

Expertise sought

The Italian group is looking for innovative, sustainable materials solutions applicable to the packaging sector (e.g.: plastic-free, from recycled materials, compostable materials, etc.). The solution should be mechanically and economically viable.
The solutions proposed should have preferably TRL 7 - system prototype demonstration in a space environment - but the company is also interested in lower TRL solutions.

Stage of Development

Stage of Development Comment

Requested Partner

Potential partners are start-ups or scale-ups from any country, with knowledge and/or expertise in sustainable green materials applicable to packaging.
Startups or scaleups are required to propose innovative ideas and/or solutions for new sustainable materials that are mechanically and economically viable, and with potential for industrial scalability, to replace non-reusable plastics traditionally used in the industrial packaging sector.

Suitable companies are invited to propose their expertise. After being selected, the goal is to co-develop concrete pilots and a go-to-market strategy, as well as making a positive impact on the environment, under technical cooperation agreement.

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